I am going to be...

Penelope's GODMOTHER!!! I am so excited and honored to be my newest little cousin's godmother. I am seriously going to be the best godmother ever. I will kind of being like a fairy godmother!!! Penelope will be my little Cinderella...I, of course, will remember all the other important things like helping her be a good Catholic and be there when she needs me...even though I would have done all those things anyway...I now have a title...Penelope's (Fairy) Godmother!!!!

I should note that I have two beautiful godsons...my brother Josh and nephew Elijah...and now my adorable goddaughter...Penelope!

I knew being 30 was going to great. I will be a wife and fairy godmother all in the same year. :)


Makes Sense

I am sick about hearing about Michael Jackson...but the latest gossip is that Janet will get his kids. This actually makes SENSE. The most sense of any of the Jackson craziness. Seriously...their almost 80 year-old grandparents who abused their father shouldn't raise them. That makes no sense. And the mom that gave them up for $$$. That makes no sense.

I love Janet Jackson. I have all her CDs and saw her in concert when I was little. :)

Enzo Update

Joey had to take Enzo to the vet this morning. He has been biting his tail and licking himself like crazy. He has especially been after his ears. Well...thank goodness my baby is okay!

He has an infection on his tail and the vet thinks that his allergies have gotten worse. We knew he was allergic to something, but just haven't figured out exactly what.

He is on antibiotics and we need to buy benadryl at the store. We will see how that works and then see if we have to do anything else about the allergies.

We are going to take him back next Thursday before we send him to Camp K-9 while his mom and dad are busy getting married and honeymooning.

I know everyone was worried. :)


I am continuing to procrastinate. So I thought I would give an update on my to-do list. Also, these will be some of my last posts on The Life of Joey's Girl. I always want to be Joey's Girl, but I have a new blog after the wedding. I am thinking about a theme or something...but I'll ponder that on the honeymoon. :)

I have noted what actually got done and added a few things. I also added and marked DONE a few things because it makes me feel good.

  • DONE - Meeting at Hilton
  • DONE - Print menus for rehearsal
  • DONE - Pens for guestbook
  • DONE - Pens for rehearsal frame thingy
  • DONE - Print engagement picture to display at wedding
  • DONE - Wrote out wedding dates of family for their pictures that are being displayed
  • Friday - Give final rehearsal count to Carmela's
  • Friday - Hair Trial (DONE - need to pick up hair pieces at mom's before trial)
  • Pickup next week - Print programs for ceremony
  • Bank
  • Send final music list to DJ
  • Still have a few last minute gifts to buy (DONE - Moms)
  • Do last round of table seating (the hard parts are done!)
  • Return menu to Carmela's
  • OMG! I put this on my list twice! - Hair trial

I seriously do not want to even think about our list for this weekend!!!!!