I have had lots of new visitors to the blog in the past few days. How exciting? It is probably just exciting to me. Anyway, Joey still hasn't checked out my blog. He doesn't want everyone to know about our lives. I completely agree with him that somethings are private, but somethings are just so wonderful I want to share. Like this fun picture of my little cousin! He is so cute.

After work, my team is heading to my favorite little bar.

I am starting to get a head cold, so I probably shouldn't go. However, a couple of brewskies will help me go to bed early and get a good night sleep. Tomorrow is a catch up day at work!

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Jess said...

If I leave work right now I could meet you and your team at Corby's by 7:30...course that would make getting back for that 8am work time pretty tough tomorrow...oh, well, have one for me...make it 2...I am feelin' crazy today.
;-) Jess