Happy Birthday, Grandma!

It's my Grandma Joannie's birthday today. She is so super cute and lovable. She is the most kind and genuine person you'll ever meet. It's funny because everyone calls her Grandma even if she isn't their grandma. She is just that LOVABLE.

Last year, when my cousins got married she mentioned that she loved our bridesmaid dresses and wished she could wear them...so guess what? We had our very own Grandma's Gala and dressed her up in a bridesmaid's dress. We actually all wore our old dresses. (It was a great way for us to reuse those dresses anyway.)

Happy Birthday to my grandma! She is the best.

Grandma Joannie

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Jess said...

Your blogs make my day...and Grandma's dress is precious! Am I just that corny, too?