Last weekend, my cousin Abby went to her first dance with her boyfriend Michael. She asked me to take pictures and we really had a blast. I am not a photographer, but I did enjoy pretending. We took pictures of the dress on the hanger, her shoes, Abby with her parents, Abby with her friends; you name it, I took a picture of it. Pictures are such a great way to reserve memories and you never get sick of them.

Anyway! Here is Abby all dolled up. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Here is my cousin Tommy (Abby's brother)with his date, Tess. I think it was Tess. Whatever it was, she was super cool. Tom is super goofy. He has been since he was born.

After last week's photo shoot, I was commissioned for my cousin Kalina's dance this weekend. I would be rich if I charged...but then I would be a mean mean cousin.

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Collee said...

Abby looked great and I do have to say her hair looked fabulous!!!!