Jacqueline Update

I just realized I haven't given an update about my cousin...AND the two people that read my blog...your prayers worked! Thank you so much. We didn't hear the best news possible, but close. At this point, we don't think she needs further treatment, but the tumor was borderline malignant. Meaning it was more than low potential malignant, but not quite malignant. Needless to say, she is getting a second opinion this week and then I think we will all be able to relax. I do know that she is in good spirits and tonight all she could talk about was missing her boyfriend. Being 22 is so much fun and I know she will make the best of whatever life brings her. I took this fun picture of her on her front step.

Miss Jacqueline

Tonight we had cake and ice cream for my great-great Uncle Floyd and my godfather Jim's birthdays. Below is a picture of my Uncle Jim with his daughters, Rosalyn and Jaco at the bar last year. The other one was of my family tonight. Yesterday, Joey's aunt was telling me how she has never met most of her cousins, and they all live in Australia. As crazy and crabby as my family is sometimes, I am so lucky to be so close to them. Enough of being sappy...I am going to have ONE drink at the bar and then come upstairs for bed.

Uncle Jim with Rosalyn & JacoThe Fam


Colleen said...

Jacqueline and Roselyn have such great smiles:)Thanks for the update

Jess said...

Great news!! Keep us posted...and what about Pepper???? Any new news?