prayer request

My cousin went in for a minor surgery yesterday to remove a cyst and was woken up to hear they removed her ovary and a large tumor. We were all devastated, but I can't imagine how Jacqueline felt hearing that major change in her diagnosis. We are waiting for more information, but we know the tumor is cancerous and we are waiting for next steps. She is a 22 year old full of life and is being so strong right now.

I will be visiting her this afternoon and will be hanging tons of pictures around her hospital room. It is a tradition for any of our family in the hospital to have a room with a little more life to it...the nurses either find my family annoying because there are so many of us or glad that we are helping to comfort their patient. Usually it is a little of both and I don't blame them.
Yesterday when I heard about Jaco in the middle of the afternoon, it was one of those moments that puts life in perspective. In the morning, I was worried about painting our new house and all the emails in my inbox...and by the afternoon those things all seemed minor.

Please keep Jacqueline and her family in your prayers. She is so beautiful and I know she is scared.
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Jess said...

Carisse!!!! You and your cousin & family are in my thoughts and prayers!!
Love ya, Jess

Colleen said...

Carisse I am so sorry to hear about this....your family is in my prayers.