Okay, a couple weeks ago, I mentioned to my few blog readers that Jacqueline received a good recommendation from her doctor and would not be following through with chemo...well, she received a second opinion and he said she should...so she went for a third opinion and he said she shouldn't, but should get a 4th opinion! What is a patient suppose to do if every doctor says something different. How do you know who to listen to or what is the right thing? Especially when you are so young. Anyway, I am frustrated and I will never know how this makes Jacqueline feel. All I have got to say is that I know she will do what she thinks is best for her and right now her opinion is probably the best out of everyone's.

Also, we are starting a "Help Pay Jaco's Speeding Ticket" fund. On the way to Indianapolis from Bloomington she got a $150 ticket. What a bad day?!?
travis and jaco
This picture is this weekend at the bar...that is Trraaavis...Jaco's lovely boyfriend.

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