Our Bedroom Furniture

Yippee! Our furniture is finally being delivered on Thursday. I can't wait to not be living out of boxes. Yesterday I about killed someone looking for my softball uniform.

We ordered a Queen, but the store ordered a King...so now we have a King. We still need to buy a mattress, but at least I can put our clothes away. I am a little worried that all this furniture won't fit because our room is small, but oh well...when I get that puppy I want, we will need a big bed.

Our Bed


Jess said...

You will need the KING with the puppy--take it from someone who has to fit in Brad, 80 lb. Maggie who likes to sleep horizontal in any bed and Katie the cat who is know to "stretch out"...King is the only way to ensure you get a piece of the bed :-)

Anonymous said...

I like this bedroom set