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I wouldn't say I am a true blog stalker...but there are a few that I like to keep track of new posts. There are about a gazillion healthcare blogs that I like to read. They are great to break up my day at work, plus they keep me in the know and make me feel smart at work. :)

I also love to look at photographers' blogs. They really are so fun to look at it. This weekend I met three of the people I stalk. Those of you reading this right now stalk my blog (I know who you are because there are three of you and you're my friends) but I don't think that any of you consider me a celebrity. :) I felt like I was meeting celebrities when I was introduced to Stacy, Mary and Jessica. It is weird because you feel like you know them because they keep a journal of their life that you stalk...but really they have no idea who you are or that you are that person that stalks them. That is why Joey hates that I have a blog, but I let him know all the time that no one really cares about what I put here except a few of my friend's and my mom.

Anyway, Stacy and Mary took pictures of our friends Rob and Kristen's Rehearsal Dinner. It was at the Indianapolis Zoo and was awesome! It was in the Ocean's Building and we were able to pet the sharks. It was such a cool atmosphere. Before the rehearsal, Rob & Kristen took pictures all around the zoo, which I thought was a great idea. Just something different and something they enjoy. The Indianapolis Zoo is great. We have a zoo in South Bend that I enjoy, but it is just super small compared Indy's.

The next day I was able to meet Jessica Strickland, another amazing photographer. She is just super cute and I can't wait to see the pictures of Kristen. Kristen looked gorgeous!

I have links to both their blogs on the side...so check them out in the next few days because I am sure they will each post about the most popular wedding weekend ever and you'll get to see pictures of Kristen and Rob's awesome wedding weekend.

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