Most of people that read this blog are my dear friends and know me and what is important to me. And for the most part…this blog is definitely personal and fun, and rarely if ever too serious.

However, there are slight hints to some of the things that I am passionate about…one of those being health care. I actually have a long list of health care blogs that I read either daily or at least every couple days. A few of those I have highlighted as my favorites to the right. So why do I care so much about health care…it could be because my mother has been a hospital administrator for over 20 years or that I have two beautiful sisters that are single moms and are blessed to be in the nursing field. And now I have a brother studying physical therapy. Of course, Shaners, the baby, is going to a ball player…but if that doesn’t pan out, he is a quick and smart thinker and he may be the doctor of the fam.

Now, where I don’t work in a hospital, I like to believe that I spend my work days helping a large percentage of the hospitals in the US. Of course, this sounds a little over dramatized…but I am only 28 and believe in my company’s vision. However, this blog will definitely not be my work outlet. I could always start a blog to share my thoughts about healthcare, but I may not always share the same message as my superiors. Not that I have anything bad to say…but really it is just my thoughts streaming and I don’t really care about grammar on this blog. Obviously. Plus, a blog is hard to keep up and for now, I prefer to put my efforts into my career and family. Lastly, I don’t think my two readers would care…would you? :)

PS I just mentioned all my family members and we can’t forget that my father has the best job of us all…he takes care of the fields at Notre Dame…or as he calls them…the Holy Grounds. :)

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