I am not MISSING

Okay...I have been MIA, but it doesn't really matter because the two people that actually read my blog are my friends and I have seen them.

Anyway, there are a million things that have been happening, but I have been spending most of my time at weddings. I have been calling it the Wedding World Tour 2007. We had a wedding in Rome in May, my best friend Jenny's in the Bahamas, my gorgeous friend Jamie's in Laguna Beach and Joe's best friend Kristen's this weekend in Indianapolis. I have looked forward to all of them, but I am looking super forward to Kristen's. Besides the fact that it is Kristen and Rob and we love them dearly and they are perfect for each other and Kristen is an awesome party planner and a gazillion other great things...Joe is the maid of honor. I think I am going to cry all day Saturday, but only because I am so happy for them.

I went to the Bahamas with my mom and we had a great time! Jenny and Michael picked out a super spot because there was so much to do for everyone. The day of the wedding it rained all day and then...about 20 minutes before the ceremony the sun came out. It was perfect.

Laguna was a blast not only because I was with Joe, but it was a little college reunion. We stayed at a great little hotel on the ocean and the wedding was at an amazing resort.

The other fun news is that Joe and I got iPhones. I plan on playing around and seeing if I can post from my iPhone. I know I can...I just haven't figured out how.


Kevin said...

Indianapolis huh? I think i know someone who lives there, oh, wait it's me!!

Colleen said...

post some pics when you get a chance I would love to see some:)