Statue of Liberty

Now that we are in the house and unpacked...three months later...I'm starting to work on those loose ends. Looking at furniture to fill in spaces, what to put on the walls, etc. Anway, I just can't seem to get our tv room put together. Everything is just neutral and BLAH. That are numerous reasons for this...

1) I like brown. I think it would be better if our couches were the chocolate velvet that I wanted...but Joey said no.
2) I listen to Joey. Joey has great taste...but for the house I just need to do my thing and go with my gut. He's out.

Anyway, I have FINALLY done something with our mantel. It's a little picture display of places our friends or we have been. I actually ordered a small picture that Joey took of the Statue of Liberty that I think will look nice. I think this is the one...

Statue of Liberty

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