Today on CBS Sunday Morning they had a little piece on plastic.  They highlighted how great plastic is, but then showed all the plastic bags you get from stores that pollute the earth.  How many times do you drive down the road and see those bags on the side of the road or stuck in trees?  Not to mention...you can't recycle them.  For the past year, I have avoided them as much as I can.  Many times I just didn't take a bag if I didn't need, I would throw things in my purse, or just take some old plastic bags with me to the store.  If I could get paper I would...mainly because they fit more stuff in them and then I would use them as our trash or recycling bags in the house. 
For my birthday, Kristen bought me some bags from Delight.com.  They are awesome.  I always keep at least 2 in my purse and I keep the rest in my car. Sometimes the cashiers get a little thrown off when I mention I have my own bags, but I hope that this becomes a lot more common. At our grocery store, I even get money back if I use my own bags and not theirs!  How can you complain about that?  The Delight bags are great because they are easy to fold back up and they are huge.  At Target the other day, the cashier said..."Wow! I didn't realize how big this bag was."  

For the wedding, we plan on having welcome bags for our guests that are at the hotel.  I think they may have an all organic and "green" theme.  I hope to find a cheaper version of the delight bags that I can give our friends.  Since most of our out of town guests are our friends...and I know that they will use them and appreciate them. 


Kristen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you love them! You're right. Everyone is always 1.) Surprised at how much they hold and 2.) that I brought my own cute bags!

Anonymous said...

IKEA has great grocery bags and smaller versions too that are very inexpensive. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for not using plastic bags and I hope you're right that it becomes the norm!