Wow! What a day?  I sprinted out of bed today because I was thrilled that we were finally getting a new president.  I laid in bed wanting to sleep another 10 minutes and I couldn't...I kept thinking what an awesome country I live in! I woke up and went to work before 7...giving my all is one of my pledges. :)  

I had a full day of meetings, but made time in my schedule to watch Obama at noon.  I wasn't going to miss the moment for anything.  While I was watching it though, I got a call on my Blackberry from my CEO.  He wanted me on the news for an interview that afternoon!  So I went from super excited to super nervous.  I was sweating.  My boss told me not to worry about it..."It is Television not Smellivision."  He is crazy. 

Anyway, I had a decent interview, great meetings even though I didn't hear all the things I wanted to, but more importantly we have a new president with a really hard job.  It will be hard work FOR ALL OF US.  I did get out of work later than planned and had to miss tennis, but that gave me more time with Joey before he had to go to work. 

Joey has a new pledge as well.  He has baby Bridget on his mind and wants to do all he can to help her get that kidney.  We feel so blessed to have so many healthy nieces and nephews that giving Bridget all the same experiences they have is important to us.  

And yes, we have a president that has some nice moves.  How refreshing? 

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