iPhone - I LOVE APPLE!

A few years ago, Joey sucked me into the Mac cult. Together we have purchased numerous iPods for ourselves and as gifts, computers, music, and just stuff. I think we bought five shuffles for Christmas gifts! I like my Dell at work, but I LOVE my iBook. I have NEVER EVER EVER needed to reboot or control-alt-delete or whatever. I know I sound like the commercials, but they are not too far from the truth. Like I said though...I am part of the cult, so no matter what you say to me, I will defend Apple.

Anyway, yesterday Apple released their iPhone. I don't care what anyone has to say about it, but it is super cool. And maybe not right away, but Joey and I will both eventually own one. I know they will be pricey, but I am saving my change. I know they currently only are working with Cingular, which isn't that cool, but I kind of hate all those mobile companies anyway.

Apple always seems to keep people talking, but in a fun way. Not like Donald Trump who has to talk bad about Rosie to get people to watch his show.

Salud to Apple and the iPhone!

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