The 4th Annual Samantha Hickey Foundation Las Vegas Night will be held this year on April 14 at St. Hedwig’s Memorial Center in South Bend. There are tons of things you can do to contribute, but today I am highlighting DONATIONS!

There are usually some really neat things donated to the silent auction. People donate catered dinner parties, portrait sittings, iPods, themed baskets (summer time – cooler, beach towels, etc.), salon certificates, baby blankets…whatever you can round up. This is great for businesses because they can highlight their great services and donate to a great cause. Joe and I are thinking about donating an apple nano and iTunes gift card, however we know that will probably be a popular one, so we are going to keep thinking.

If you’re interested, you can post a comment or call me. Of course, you can donate money and we will create a donation for you…I plan on doing this for my parents.

For more information on the Samantha Hickey Memorial Foundation: www.samanthahickey.org

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