I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow. It will be in the 70s, which will make me feel like I am boiling compared to here. I am super excited, except I do not feel well AT ALL. It is not a flu thing, but a horrible pain thing. I don't want to get into details, but I am feeling better and everything will be all good soon. I am hoping that a little sun will give me a lift. It is so so so cold outside and we are about to break our record for consecutive days in a row with subzero temperatures. :( Isn't that just miserable? You may wonder why I just don't pick myself up and move...well, for one, because of Joey and two, because I have the cutest niece and nephew alive.

My parents, my brothers and sisters, my niece and nephew and all my Florida family will be enjoying time together this weekend. I am most excited to see the cutest Italian grandma that ever lived. I'll post pictures when I get back. Joey will be staying in South Bend. He just got back from a week trip on the Harleys in Florida. Now he has to work and I get to play!

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