Eating Better

Last week, Joey and I detoxed. Not a true detox, but we eliminated dairy, white sugar and white flour. To us, that was HUGE. I actually started last Sunday, and Joey started to pay attention and started Tuesday.

Joey and I consider ourselves pretty healthy people, but we were putting horrible things into our body. All that fructose syrup, sugar, caffeine...toxins...it is like poison. Okay, it may sound like I am being a bit dramatic, but seriously, we want to take better care of ourselves and the main ingredients in many foods are just not good for you.

We actually did a great job at the detox and we feel better. We are not a diet or looking to lose weight, we just want to take care of ourselves and feel good. We've been eating fresh vegetables, fish, and beans. Who can complain about that? Well, I found plenty of things to complain about because I missed chocolate & Dairy Queen. Joey missed bread and pasta.

We are really want to make a change in our eating habits. Eat at home, eat fresh, eat organic. And if we do run through the drive through...we don't need the big mac, with super duper fries and HUGE Coke. Of course, we will always take advantage of those great Italian meals or enjoy dinner with friends, but for most days and meals, we will be smart.

I read a hint in a magazine to just order a kids meal and forget the coke. It drastically cuts the calories and isn't as bad for you...probably not the healthiest thing to have, but definitely a helpful hint.

Not all was great...I did feel a bit flu-ish last week, but I don't think it had to do with the detox. But maybe...

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Jenny said...

I applaud both of you because I cannot live without my bread and pasta! I although have cut down dramatically on the drive thru food. So that I guess is a start :-)