Review of New Year's Resolutions

I thought I would go back and see what I have done from my New Year's Resolutions and give everyone an update...

1) Start a blog...AND post to it at least once a week.

Update: Yes, I started the blog. No I do not post once a week, but I do have over 70 posts which means my average is pretty good.

2) Move out of our apartment.

Update: Yes, we moved.

3) Organize all my addresses. I have them everywhere. On my work computer, my mac, little pieces of paper around the house...everywhere.

Update: Yes, I did it.

4) Lose 5 lbs. Mainly the weight I gained the past few weeks from the holidays.

Update: This is just a battle. It's not that I need to lose 5lbs, but I just go on these spurts where I eat junk food like crazy. Currently, I am eating lots of vegetables and fruits and I feel good.

5) Update my resume.

Update: Not done...but I still have 4 months.

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