Obsessed with Panera

I'm obsessed with Panera. I go there a few times a week for lunch. I'm always afraid I'll get sick of it, but I never do. Anyway...I think it is great that they put their soups of the day on their website. Yesterday, it was so cold and I didn't want to leave for lunch, but Jill was going to Panera for soup. I went to their website and checked out the soups of the day and before you knew it...Jill delivered a French Onion Soup with the cheese and croutons on the side. Yummmyyyy!


Kristen said...

Panera is one of my favorite places to eat when eating "fast-casual" or whatever. I'm a big fan of the turkey artichoke panini with a cup of chicken noodle soup. Change the baguette to an apple or chips to save for later and it's perfect.

Jenny said...

I LOVE their cinnamon crunch bagels! I also love the fact that they are 5 minutes from home!

Heather said...

Me too!!! The black bean soup is my favorite. Let's go to lunch together soon!