Weekend Update

I have been checking things off the wedding to-do list like mad! This week we scheduled the rehearsal, finalized our musicians for the ceremony (except our vocalist), and organized our to-do list. I realize that organizing our to-do list shouldn't be a task item, but when you have has many to-dos as we do, it has to be done periodically. Also, today we get the estimate from the florist. That one should be a doozy. Is that how you spell doozy? I have no idea.

Next week, we are ordering the invitations, finalizing the vocalist, and taking my dress to get altered. I also need to schedule a meeting at the church. Seriously, we have had at least 5 church meetings! How many more do we need to have? My goodness!

This weekend we have a few other things to take care of, but the most important project is packing up our kitchen. All of our cabinets are in and our appliances are being delivered on Tuesday. We didn't order a new fridge yet, but we did get the microwave, dishwasher, and stove. Typing this has reminded me that we need to purchase a garbage disposal. Typing this has also got me thinking that Enzo will be absolutely crazy when these men are working on our house and we better take him to Doggie Daycare for a few of those days.

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