Seriously, this country is great.  We really don't even need TV anymore because the blog world is a soap opera.  I have quite a few favorite blogs and I thought I would share.  

But first I want to share what stirred my excitement and love of America and its blogs. 

I have an obsession with photography blogs.  I am amazed at their talent and steady hand.  I think I have a good eye and following so many photographer's blogs gives me inspiration, but I could never be a great photographer without a steady hand.  Anyway...there is a feud in the photography world and it is as exciting as The Bold and the Beautiful.  It started with DJ speaking his mind about Pictage and SmugMug and then Gary Fong speaking his mind about DJ speaking his mind and WOW!  It's some good stuff.  Where I do have an opinion, I will keep it too myself since I don't know either, I don't have any experience with Pictage or SmugMug and I am not a photographer. If anything, I really just want everyone to get along and I bet most people feel the same way.  I know that sounds so cliche because of course everyone doesn't have to agree...okay, I have said too much.  But really...I know for sure after reading both their blogs for YEARS that they are both good people and where it may take awhile, they will get "back together" just like Brooke and Ridge always do on The Bold and the Beautiful.  (In Italy they LOVE this show...they call it Beautiful.)

Here are my just some of my favorites...and I really have lots of favorites, so this is like 2% of my favorites. 

Photography blogs...

Jessica Strickland...our wedding photographer!
Blue Candy...my long lost high school friend who is the BEST!


Kristen Leep...our bestest friend in the entire world!
Horseradish...my comedy mentor!

Work Stuff...

The Cranky Product Manager...story of my life and it isn't even my life!
Life as a Healthcare CIO...it's my career, healthcare (my passion) and personal all in one!  I die! 

Celebrity Gossip...

Perez...there are no others that are worth it!

Wedding Stuff...I can't believe I am just picking 2!

Anyway, I do dream of someday have a more "purposeful" blog about something interesting and useful...but in the meantime, this is my journal to share what's on my mind. :)   

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The Springers said...

haha - I totally want to have a useful, public blog as well - just not sure what about yet :)