WOW! WOW! WOW! I am stressed.

With work, the wedding, getting our house painted, Easter, all our family in town, driving back and forth between families, my niece and nephew sleeping over on Friday...I seriously think I might go crazy. But as most of you know...I live for crazy, I work harder when I am crazy and I actually do a better job when I am crazy. HOWEVER...

I have decided to take care of myself and try to prevent too much crazy by spending a few days away from the office. I still plan on working...but just from home and as needed. I think waking up and getting on the computer in my PJs is just what I need. I will also be able to get the house prepped for the painter, make a few wedding vendor phone calls, but again...work in my PJs with my good espresso and not the crappy Maxwell House.

We have the worse coffee EVER at work. I will forever complain and probably be forever reminded by others that it is FREE. But I would rather pay for coffee than drink it...so I usually stop at McDonald's EVERY morning for a large coffee with three creams. It is a daily habit costing me $1.49. You may wonder why I don't just make coffee at home...well, our coffeepot is shot and I am waiting for our wedding shower to get a new one. Someone already bought it, so i am super excited.

I also have added another major destresser to my life...I hired a cleaning lady!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Joey was not too thrilled, but I think he is over it now. I realize that it is a luxury and something we should probably be able to handle ourselves, but it is now one less thing to worry about and she will mop all our wood floors and dust every room every two weeks...which I know we were not doing. With Enzo and our pool and the wedding, having someone help us is awesome! I have even noticed that Joey and I are keeping the house cleaner too. It's weird how that works.


The Springers said...

I am sooo jealous! We had a cleaning person clean our rental house, and now I really want her to come clean OUR house on a regular basis! lol Still trying to talk Jason into it...would u mind calling him?? lol

Jess said...

You deserve a cleaning lady! I have looked into getting one for the months I am on the road every single week. That was the deal with the new job. And you're right...as soon as I started talking about a cleaning lady...Brad has been cleaning the house when I am traveling. You deserve one and it's okay to not do "EVERYTHING". Take some time for YOU!!!!!!