Wow! 10 Days!

OMG! I can't believe our wedding is just 10 days away. My to-do list is super long. Everyone keeps asking to help...but I can't give up anything on the list. What is wrong with me? I actually gave my mom a bunch of stuff to do and of course she was all over it and done in 10 minutes. She has lots to help me with this weekend.

The list for the next three days is pretty lengthy.
  • Meeting at Hilton
  • Print programs for ceremony
  • Print menus for rehearsal
  • Give final rehearsal count to Carmela's
  • Send final music list to DJ
  • Hair Trial (need to pick up hair pieces at mom's before trial)
  • Bank
  • Pens for guestbook
  • Still have a few last minute gifts to buy
  • Print engagement picture to display at wedding
  • Do last round of table seating (the hard parts are done!)
  • Hair trial
WOW! Lots to do before I can even start my weekend to-do list. Typing this out makes me wonder why I am posting to my blog instead of working (yes, I have to work too) or doing anything on the list. I am procrastinating, which I am really good at. You would think with a year and 8 months to plan all this would be done.

Joe has a to-do list also, which I just have to trust will get done. However, it was a bit frustrating to go home yesterday and see that he decided 10 days before the wedding would be a GREAT time to powerwash our deck. Seriously? I actually told him it looks great and remembered that we are both procrastinators. I am actually glad it is raining today, so he won't powerwash and work on the list. :)

I have two big pieces of news...

1) Joe got us a photobooth for the wedding! I have wanted one since the beginning and it was just never a priority. Then a few months ago we called around and it was just too expensive. BUT then I found out that a local studio in town has one and I figured why not call...if they haven't booked it yet, we may get a deal...and we DID!!!! Yeah! Joe and I both think it will be super cool to have and we get copies of every picture taken!

2) I hired a wedding coordinator. Who hires a wedding planner 2 weeks before the wedding? ME! I just wanted a little piece of mind for the day-of and I am so glad. Since I met with Kathy on Saturday, my anxiety went from 200% to 150%. Much better.

Okay...I have to get moving with the gazillion things on my work to-do list.

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Heidi said...

You will love love love the photobooth, it was a hit at our wedding! the pictures are so fun to look at!!!