Today we went to Sicily which was an unexpected trip. I thought it would be super dirty, but we went to some of the most pretty beaches. I also had the BEST cannoli of my life and REAL gelato. I bought a holiday ornament for Joe and I, some tshirts for my niece and nephew, some hot peppers and a beautiful tie for Joe.

Last night we went to a a beautiful dinner in Giosia. The fish was so fresh...that it didn't taste like fish.

I am going to have to double up on the pilates when I get back home.

Tomorrow we leave for Roma. Joe and I have are own room...thank goodness. It is the night train, so we get back around 6am and will spend the morning in Roma before we go to the Rehearsal dinner for the wedding. We have a villa outside of Rome near the wedding. It is on Tuesday.

Not sure if I will be emailing much after this...but I have been jotting things down to remember to tell everyone or if I think of someone.

Ciao, Ciao,

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Jess said...

I hope you are having an amazing time. Not sure if you could get the NFL draft news today. Brady Quinn went in round 22 to the Cleveland Browns...wanted to keep you up to date. That is the biggest news in Indiana today. Enjoy!